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Pricing   Here you have the Core AV Products from Peerless-AV listed first. They are the most common. The balance of the Peerless-AV line follows. Peerless-AV has great depth of other products you may find useful and effective. You may want to explore the Peerless-AV website for your suitable model. You will locate it using the Choose Model selector to get your pricing.
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Universal PRG Precision Gear Projector Mount (Black)

• Weight Capacity: 50 lbs
• Specifications: Tilt: ±20°, Roll: ±10°, Swivel: 360° when mounted on extension column ±15° when flush mounted on ceilings
• Distance from ceiling: 3.81 - 4.81"
• SpiderŪ Universal Adapter Plate extends up to 17.63" (448 mm) to fit most projector models
• Patent-pending precision gears provides exact projector image alignment
• Two adjustment knobs control projector image alignment
• Pre-assembled design reduces installation time
• Horizontal wrench access slots make flush mounting installations fast and easy
• Cable management allows cables to be routed through projector mount out of sight
• "U" shaped pitch bracket allows for hassle free cable routing
• Quick-release mechanism to easily service projector
• Pre-installed security screws provide optional tilt and roll lock to prevent tampering with adjustment knobs

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Optional Accessories:
ACC-M8RI M8 Screw Insert Kit
ACC020 Armor Lock Plus Security Cable for projectors w/ Kensington-style security slot
ACC050 Extension Column Stabilizer
ACC109 1.5" NPT EXT Column Connector
ACC120 Internal Wood Joist Ceiling Plate
ACC550 Unistrut Ceiling Adapter
ACC558 4"-8" I-Beam Clamps
ACC559 7"-12" I-Beam Clamps
ACC570 Round Structural Ceiling Plate
ACC640 Escutcheon ring
ACC800 Projector Mount Connector with Cord Management
ACC830 Side to Side Adjuster for Projector Mounts
ACC840 Vibration Absorber for LCD Projector Mounts for Structural Ceiling
ACC845 Vibration Absorber for LCD Projector Mounts for Unistrut Ceiling
ACC850 Projector Mount Connector with Cord Management
ACC852 Cord Management Wrap (4x 2' sections)
ACC856 Cord Management Wrap (4x 6' sections)
ACC912 Lightweight Cathedral Ceiling Adapter
CMJ300 Unistrut and Structural Ceiling Plate (4"x4")
CMJ310 Unistrut and Structural Ceiling Plate (8"x8")
CMJ455 Lightweight Variable Position Suspended Ceiling Kit
CMJ470 Ceiling Plate for Structural Ceiling or Wood Joist (16" centers)
CMJ480 Ceiling Plate for Structural Ceiling or Wood Joist (20" centers)
CMJ490 Ceiling Plate for Structural Ceiling or Wood Joist (24" centers)
EXT006 Fixed Extension Column (6", Black)
EXT018 Fixed Extension Column (18")
EXT101 Fixed Extension Column (12")
EXT102 Fixed Extension Column (2')
EXT103 Fixed Extension Column (3')
EXT104 Fixed Extension Column (4')
EXT105 Fixed Extension Column (5')
EXT106 Fixed Extension Column (6')
EXT107 Fixed Extension Column (7')
EXT108 Fixed Extension Column (8')
EXT109 Fixed Extension Column (9')
EXT110 Fixed Extension Column (10')
PWA-14 Vector Pro Projector Wall Arm
Item Pricing:
List $219.00
Shipping Weight 3.78 lbs
Master Carton: 1
Shipping Dimensions 6.4"W x 3.3"H x 13.6"D
MFG UPC Code 735029249887
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